Käyttäjän työkalut

Sivuston työkalut

Information for competitors NBCH 20.-23.7.2017 Savijärvi Gård, Sipoo, Finland

Arrival and stables:

All the CAI horses will be stabled in temporary stables and all the CAN horses in the solid stable. The two stable areas are separated from each other, and visiting the CAI stable is only available with a wristband.

CAI2* competitors drive straight to the camping area following road signs.

Every CAI driver will get four (4) wristbands that give access to enter the CAI stable area.

The stables for CAN classes are opened on Wednesday 19.7. at 16.00 o’clock. For an extra night between Wednesday 19. - Thursday 20.7. there will not be an extra fee. Horse passports will be inspected when checking at the Show Office.

Stable responsible (24/7): +358 40 368 5969

Show Office opening hours:

  • Wednesday 19.7 at 16.00-20.00
  • Thursday 20.7 at 16.00-20.00
  • On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the secretary opens one hour before the competition starts and closes one hour after the competition ends. The horse passports will be stored in the secretary during the competition.

Competition schedule:


  • at 10 CAN carriage inspection, big training arena. Please arrive to carriage inspection at least 30 min before your start in Test A.
  • at 11 CAN dressage
  • at 11-13 Lunch
  • at 13 Chef d’ Equipe first meeting, VIP-tent
  • at 14.20 CAN dressage ends
  • at 16-18 Horse Inspection, road to the Manor. First the horses competing in CAI2*, then CAN-classes.
  • at 18 Chef d’ Equipe meeting and Drawing for the dressage, VIP-tent
  • at 20.30 Opening Ceremony in the riding hall: team introduction, drivers meeting, introduction of marathon course and Evening Meal hosted by Savijärvi Manor.

Showers for competitors are in the nearest village, Nikkilä. There will be a bus driving to the showers. The bus drives non-stop in the evenings between Savijärvi and Nikkilä. The bus leaves from the VIP- parking lot beside the Cafeteria. Bus transport 17.00–20.00 on Thursday. There is showers at the competing area but we wish you use the bus transport to the village because of lack of water.

FRIDAY 21.7.

  • at 8 CAI 2* dressage
  • at 12–13 Lunch
  • at 13 CAI2* dressage
  • at 18 CAI2* dressage ends
  • at 19.30 Chef d’ Equipe meeting, VIP-tent
  • at 21 Nations Night and dressage prize giving ceremony

Bus transport to the showers 17.00-20.00.


  • at 9 CAN marathon
  • at 12–13 Lunch, Hobby Horse competition on Savijärvi-arena
  • at 13 CAI2*-classes on the obstacles
  • at 18 Chef d’ Equipe meeting
  • at 20 Drivers Party and marathon prize giving ceremony in the riding hall.
    Tickets are being sold in the show secretary until Friday 21.7. at 12.00,
    adults 30€ and children 20€. Please reserve your ticket in time!

Bus transport to the showers 16.30-19.30.

SUNDAY 23.7.

  • at 9 CAN cones
  • at 10.30 CAN prize giving ceremony
  • at 11-13 Lunch
  • at 11.30 CAI2* cones
  • at 15.00 CAI 2* cones ends
  • at 15.30 CAI 2* prize giving ceremony

Cafeteria opening hours:

  • Thursday 8.00-19.00
  • Friday 7.30-19.00
  • Saturday 7.30-17.30
  • Sunday 7.30-16.30

Lunch will be served every day at 11.00-13.00.

Important phone numbers:

Welcome to Savijärvi!

OC/Husaariratsastajat ry.

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