Käyttäjän työkalut

Sivuston työkalut

For visitors

On Friday there will be the classic dressage, on Saturday the fast and exciting marathon and on Sunday the cones. The competition performances can be watched from a close distance every day. For your own and the competitors safety we kindly ask you to follow the marked paths.

The entrance is free for visitors!

Besides the competition performances there will be an exhibition and refreshments.


The dressage test in driving is similar to dressage riding. The test is performed on a grass arena. The horses and drivers are presented in their finest harnesses, carriages, and clothes according to tradition. In dressage all the competitors drive according to a set program. The judge’s scores the driver based on the collaboration between the horse and the driver, suppleness, regularity and lightness. The dressage test is the most traditional and restrained phase in the competition.


Marathon is similar to the cross-country phase of eventing and requires speed and endurance. Marathon is driven in two phases. In the first phase they will drive a maximum 8 km track in the field. After that there is a compulsory rest halt and a veterinary check. Then the driver will continue to the next phase that is at maximum a 9 km long track and includes 5-8 obstacle courses. Obstacles may include water, tight twists through trees or man-made obstacles, steep hills, or fences and pens. Drivers are scored on how quickly they can negotiate the obstacle, and must find the fastest route through each. The marathon is the most thrilling phase to watch, and often draws the largest crowds of viewers.


The cone driving phase is equivalent to the show jumping phase of eventing. The drivers negotiates a course with cones as fast as possible. Each cone have a ball balanced on top and the driver will get penalty points if a ball drops. The cones are only a few centimeters wider than the wheels of the carriage, depending on the level of the class and the type of turnout. The cones is the last phase of the competition and determinates the winner.