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All media representatives are welcome to the competitions! The event is exciting, prestige and full of interesting stories. By registering in advance to the address pj@husaariratsastajat.fi we will reserve you a PRESS-card that will include refreshments and access to the VIP tent.

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Marit Sivén
President of Riding Club Husaariratsastajat ry.
p. +358 40 733 98 53

Sipoo is ready for the Nordic Championships in combined driving

”The biggest driving competition so far in Finland”

On Savijärvi manor in Sipoo the preparations for the Nordic Championships in combined driving are now finished. Starting on July 20th the Nordic and Baltic Championships in the international CAI2*-classes are being held at Savijärvi Arena.

Savijärvi Top Driving is so far a 2-star competition, as drivers are also allowed to take part even if they have no points from international competitions.

– This way all the domestic drivers have the possibility to take part in a high class competition, says Ben Simonsen, the owner of the manor. 3-star competitions make for even bigger arrangements, and it has been quite enough as it is. Our volunteers have really done a great job in order for us to be able to complete the competitions honorably. Many international drivers come to Sibbo, and that is something that makes the organizers happy.

– We have so many international competitors that we will have 75 horses in the competition, says Tapani Peltonen, the chief of the competitions. This makes it the biggest driving competition that has been arranged in Finland. Big and highly competitive teams from Norway, Sweden and Finland take part.

Most of the Finnish top drivers come to Sibbo and it looks like there will be a tough competition in the main classes. Unfortunately there are very few competitors from the Baltic countries taking part. Even so, all the competitions in Sibbo will get the status of Nordic Championships.

– We also have teams that prepare for the World Championships. We believe that the Nordic Championships will be highly competitive, Ben Simonsen says. The marathon on Saturday will perhaps be the most see-worthy, but the obstacle cone driving on Sunday is something that should not be missed.

The Savijärvi manor is the leading centre for combined driving in Finland and the competitions are arranged by the Husaariratsastajat, the riders association working at Savijärvi. The Husaariratsastajat has so far arranged 30 bigger or smaller events at Savijärvi.

– This is of course a big event for the active members of the association, says Marit Siven, the president of Husaariratsastajat, but so far all has gone well. We have more than a hundred persons active at the obstacles, so there is a lot to be done. But we know the job and have previously gotten credits for that also abroad.

An amusing detail: A jumping competition for hobby horses is arranged on Saturday at the lawn by the Savijärvi arena where the main competitions are held. The hobby horse jumping take place on Saturday at 12 am, and those taking part need to register before 21.07 by e-mail (skyhdistys@gmail.com).

The Finnish rider´s association and Haven are producing live screenings of the competition both Saturday and Sunday at http://www.haven.fi/live/

More information can be found at http://www.topdriving.org and www.husaariratsastajat.fi

Thursday 20.07 Driven dressage, national classes, horse inspection and grand opening
Friday 21.07 Driven dressage international CAI2*-level main groups (NBCH) start at 1 pm
Saturday 22.07 Marathon. NBCH main classes start at 1 p. The Hobby horse jumping 12 am
Sunday 23.07 Obstacle cone driving NBCH main classes start at 1 pm.

Text and photo: Timo Pasanen

Tapani Peltonen, Marit Siven and Ben Simonsen are prepared to welcome the competitors

Ben Simonsén - SG Hard Rock