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Nilsas camp center

Sipoo's parish is offering a limited amount of accommodation in their camp center 20.-23.7.

Nilsas camp center is beautifully located in the forest next to a small lake ca. 10 km from Savijärvi Manor. There is also a sauna that can be rented for 30€ per evening.

Accommodation prices for adults 28,50€ per night and for children under 18 years 20,50€ per night. Breakfast is included.

Linen and towels are not included. Before leaving the camp center the rooms should be cleaned and left in acceptable condition.

Reservations before 7.7.2017 by contacting catrine.bjorkvik@sibbo.fi

Camper vagons

There is a limited amount of camper places for visitors next to the competition area. The rent is 20,00€ per day.

Reserve a camper spot with electricity by contacting catrine.bjorkvik@sibbo.fi

Hotel Gustavelund

Hotel Gustavelund is located in Tuusula, ca. 18km from Savijärvi Manor. For further information: Hotel Gustavelund.