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 +====== For companies ======
 +The Nordic and Baltic championships will bring a lot of visitors to Savijärvi Manor. The competition is also in media, internet and the social network. The competition is part of the Finland100 celebration year.
 +Book now for your company a signature class or obstacle!
 +The exhibition area is free and close to the competition arena. Book your own spot now!
 +CAI2* Nordic Baltic Championships is organized by volunteers from the Riding Club Husaariratsastajat ry. and every kind of support is more than welcome. Let’s make together a great deal for a good price!
 +For more information:\\
 +Marit Sivén\\
 +President of the Riding Club Husaariratsastajat ry. \\
 +[[pj@husaariratsastajat.fi]] p. +358 40 733 98 53