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 +====== Frequently asked questions ======
 +**Is there an entrance fee?**\\
 +No, there is none.
 +**Is it possible to eat at the venue?**\\
 +Yes, there will be a cafeteria that also serves lunch. It’s also allowed to bring your own snacks. 
 +**How should I dress?**\\
 +The competition will be held outside and there won’t be a covered stadium. We recommend that you dress according to the weather, especially if it’s rainy and muddy. To the driving tradition label includes a hat.
 +**Is it safe to move in the area?**\\
 +The paths for visitors are marked. By following the marked paths you take care of your own and the competitor’s safety.
 +**Is it possible to move in the area with a wheelchair or a stroller?**\\
 +All the paths are either sand or grass, so they can become soft. There are no stairs or other obstacles. There is a toilet for disabled persons.
 +**Can I take my dog with me?**\\
 +Yes, but the dog must be held in a leash.
 +**What should I take in consideration as a viewer?**\\
 +During the dressage and cone performances it’s polite to not disturb the drivers by avoiding loud talking and walking in the grandstand. During marathon it’s more than allowed to cheer!